FO: Perugino Throw

A year (or two) ago I was visiting my mum in Wales, and we went for a visit to our Local Yarn Store. I couldn't resist Colinette's Perugino throw kit. The kit contains a mix of mohair and cotton tape yarns in a bewildering array of colours. I couldn't resist the carousel colourway, all jewel bright greens, blues and pinks!  

It has been sitting in my stash ever since, casting reproachful glances at me. However, in September I finally got to work on it! I glanced over the pattern, thought that looks easy, and didn't pay much more attention - which is why I knitted my throw in stockinette stitch instead of the suggested garter stitch.

 I'm happy with the result any way. The decision to leave the tassels off was intentional, I just didn't think they would add anything to it.

Colinette are very generous in their kits - there were two 50gram skeins of all three of the mohair colours. I only just started on the second ball of each, and by leaving out a couple of repeats of the pattern they could have got away with 50grams of each.

I, however, am very glad they were so generous as I was able to use the rest of my left over pink and blue mohair to make a cushion.

The pattern is a free one from ravelry, You-Zig-I-Zag, it was a fast and very satisfying knit, and goes rather well with my new chair!

So, there we are ... two projects for the price of one ... and a substantial chunk out of my stash!


  1. Love how the colours blend in the throw. I'm not a fan of tassels either so would have left them off as well. :)

  2. It looks really good in your sewing room. I must get started on mine.


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