Pattern Review: Gertie's Knit Sweetheart Top

Last month I decided to clear out my wardrobe, I took a ruthless approach and sent four bags to the charity shop, or to H&M who are now offering textile recycling. (Not only will they take my fabric scraps away and recycle them, but you get a money off voucher for each bag brought in!) As a result I'm down to a much smaller wardrobe than normal, but on the bright side that gives me the opportunity to do lots of sewing.

I decided to start on the casual side of my wardrobe, and for my first project picked the Sweetheart knit top from Gertie Sews Vintage Casual.

I wasn't too sure of the best size to make, as I fall between two sizes, so decided to make a 'wearable muslin' in the smaller size, from some knit fabric that has been hanging around in my stash for a while. I have to admit I've been slightly put off making anything from this book as you have to trace the pattern pieces from the master sheets and while I understand why it is like this, I'm a bit lazy.

There are only three piece to this top so it wasn't too much of a chore to trace, and once the pieces were all cut out it was very quick to make up. The instructions were very clear, and I used some of the early chapters in the book to pick up some new techniques for working with knit fabrics.

I'm really please with the result. The top answered my question about sizing, its the right size, except the armholes. This was my own fault as I didn't read the instructions carefully enough and cut the armhole binding to short. I even got the pattern placement worked out, with the pattern centred and well placed on both front and back.

However, this does lead to the question of do I want a top with a pink unicorn on it? Realistically, I don't think I'd wear this out of the house, but it screams PJs at me. So, I whipped up a pair of PJ bottoms using Sewaholic's Tofino pattern. I've used this pattern before and found them very comfortable, I did simplify things by leaving out the piping and the fake fabric belt tie - they are PJs after all. 

So, what did I think of the sweetheart top pattern? I loved it, it was really quick taking a couple of hours to cut out and sew, and very wearable (if not my unicorn version). Would I make it again? Yes I will, indeed I have already have. (I'm not joking about throwing most things out from my wardrobe, I'm down to my last two t-shirts). I've made a second wearable version, and have the fabric for three more, which will take advantage of the different neck and sleeve variations which come with the pattern.


  1. It's a cute t shirt and will be a great basic to refill the wardrobe. I really love your pjs - the fabric is beautiful and they look very comfie.

  2. But WHERE, we cry is the picture of you in the top? It doesn't do itself justice on the spiky wire dress form. Well all right, a picture of you in the other top, since you do not wish to be seen in public attired in pink unicorns!


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