Facing up to my yarn stash

I spent the first day of the New Year happily sorting through my yarn stash and matching up the yarns with potential project. At least I was happy until I realised I was adding the twentieth project to my queue on Ravelry. Crikey, how much yarn do I have?!?

The hateful, sorry, helpful calculator on Ravelry answered my question, informing me that I have 44 different stashed yarns, with a total of 23,969 yards to knit (excluding two large cones of wool which I have no idea of the length). Based on previous years knitting I have enough yarn to keep me going for at least four years. Yikes!!!

I'm not saying I'm not going to buy any yarn this year, cause that would be a silly resolution I couldn't keep (I need to get some yarn to make my dad's traditional birthday sock for a start). I think this year's knitting resolution had better be to reduce my stash. I'd like to say I'll get it down to 15,000 yards but maybe we'll just go for under 20,000. 

To finish off this post and to get me in the mood for my knitting challenge, here are just some of the  items from my queue, which I will (hopefully) be knitting from my stash this year.


Once I've finished the three projects I have on the needles at the moment ... one of which has been on the go for over three years now.


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    1. I'm such an idiot, I pressed the wrong button and deleted your comment. I love the fox socks too!


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