Literary crafter - Sarah, the maid

This months literary crafter comes from Longbourn by Joe Barker. A retelling of Pride and Prejudice from the servants view, with added intrigue. 

I did have to consider whether I should include Sarah or not, as the crafting for her is more a matter of necessity rather than choice. However, in the end I decided I would, mainly because I like the quote. But also because we get a view of two more genteel 'lady' crafter, Jane and Elizabeth Bennett.

I really enjoyed the book, it presents a very different view of the Bennett family, and a more gritty take on Regency England. 

Sarah sewed by the window. Elizabeth and Jane talked low, their heads close together by the fire; they were sewing too, wrapped in their dressing gowns and shawls, the firelight glowing through their hanging curls. 
It was Monday, the day before the ball. Sarah had a blister on the soft flesh between her index finger and her thumb, where the flat-irons had worn the skin away. whenever she closed her eyes, she saw minnow-dart of her needle through muslin, the drag of thread through the open weave.
Wickham, she heard, and Wickham and Wickham and Wickham. It sounded liked the clack of knitting needles.


  1. That sounds like a book I like to put on me to read list


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