Not such a Me Made May

For the second year in a row I'm not taking part in Me Made May, and I'm a bit sad about it. In case you don't know Me Made May's aim is to encourage people who sew, knit or crochet to wear and love their handmade creations. A great idea - so why am I not taking part for a second year in a row?

Last year I was out of my house for most of May as we were having building work done, so I was divided from most of my wardrobe. While I was out of the house I bought myself Marie Kondo's The life changing magic of tidying up, and last September I 'Marie Kondo-ed' my wardrobe. Following her advice I kicked out everything in my wardrobe which 'didn't inspire joy'. The result? No much left in my wardrobe.

The plan was to spend the long winter evenings sewing up lots of lovely new garments, but then I started decorating my front hall, and that took weeks and weeks and weeks... Suddenly it was April , I hadn't made anything, I felt like I've been wearing the same few outfits for months and there are embarrassingly few Me Made items in my wardrobe

No Me Made May for me this year, but I am hoping to spend at least some of the month sewing some new piece to refill my wardrobe. I've not been hugely successful so far, but as I spent the first week of the month on a last minute holiday in Sicily I can't complain too much :)


  1. Lovely, lovely Sicily! ( That looks like Taormina? ) Who cares what you wear! Still good luck with the new sewing projects, a girl needs a stich to her name, joy notwithstanding!

    1. It is Taormina, we were staying just down the coast but visited :)


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