Cymru am byth!

The European Football Championships kicked off yesterday in France, and for the first time in over 50 years Wales are at an international football championship. After years of supporting an unsuccessful team my brother and father are out in France with the Welsh supporters. I wanted to knit my brother something to show his support in France, but hats and scarfs are not really needed in the middle of summer in France. Instead I knitted him a little Welsh dragon badge for his bag. 

Unfortunately, it seems to have disappeared into a postal vortex in the Irish Sea. Hopefully it will appear before Wales' second match on Thursday. Talking about Wales' second match brings us to Wales' first match this afternoon. Crikey, I have just about recovered from a very tense and nervy 90 minutes, but Wales have the win! I'm so happy! Cymru am byth!

Watching the Euros creates a lot of knitting time, and I decided to give myself a dedicated Euro knitting project. Given that Dan's badge didn't take up much yarn I've decided to use the rest to knit a pair of Welsh Euro socks.


  1. Yes indeed,allez Wales! Oxo wonders .... what about a Swiss dragon?!

    1. Definitely! I see it is red dragon rampant on a yellow background. Next project when socks are done?

  2. Da Iawn. :) I never watch football but I watched that match! Bendigedig!


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