Parisian chic - new outfit

Following last weeks new top, I've now completed a whole new outfit. I'm quite pleased to have made an outfit, as I'm a bit prone to make separates from fabrics I like without thinking how they will work in my wardrobe. This time I've made trousers and a top which go together, and which I can combine with other items in my wardrobe, including my peacock top.

Want to see? Well you're going to have too!

The trousers are red needle cord (with a little stretch) made up in the City Trousers pattern from The Avid Seamstress, although that's not how they started out. Originally I made Colette's wide-leg Juniper trouser. I've used the pattern before and really liked the results, but this time they didn't fit and they didn't hang right. I'm not sure why, possibly the slight stretch in the fabric? As a result I wasn't loving the result, and I decided take radical action. The stretch in the cord seemed to call for a more fitted style, and a a search online found the city trouser. With a little bit of care I was about to cut down and restyle.

I forgot to take a picture of my trousers pre-model.

While I do like the finished trouser, I didn't like the instructions so much. I know the steps for making trousers well enough not to need instructions, but if one didn't they were not very clear. Plus, for many of the techniques (how to sew darts, or insert a zip) you are directed to their website for detailed directions. While I didn't need these further directions, I think I would have found it quite annoying if I did!

The top is Sewaholic's Alma Blouse made out of a charity shop bargain of fabric, so I'm not sure exactly what it is. I've had the pattern for ages and I'm glad I've finally made it as I love it. The combination of a side zip and darts gives a lovely  shape and a comfortable fit. I didn't have enough fabric to make binding for the arm holes, so I just hemmed them and it seems to have worked fine. As with the other Sewaholic patterns I've used, I found the instructions clear and the patterns well designed.  

I can certainly see myself using both patterns again, indeed I already have plans for another Alma blouse. As for the title, sadly I'm not off to Paris, but with the red, white and blue outfit and the name of the trouser pattern it seems appropriate!


  1. A very chic outfit and the top has a particularly flattering cut and fit - very attractive and it will go with everything. Wish I could find the perfect trouser pattern! I fell down some metal steps recently and tore my favourite pair of trousers (GRRR!) so am thinking of taking them apart to use as a pattern but I've never done this before and am a bit apprehensive. BUT, must say that your last post DID inspire me to deal with all the lurking horrors in my sewing basket so I'm feeling very virtuous, thanks to you! :)

    1. Oh no, hope you are OK after your fall? I'd recommend giving cutting up the trousers a go - I've done it before, with some success. Good work on the 'lurking horrors' in your sewing basket :)

  2. This is a very cute ensemble! Well done!

  3. I love the outfit like all your wardrobe:)


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