Un, dau, tri ... Cymru am byth!

After my triumphant post the Saturday before last, the Welsh football team didn't do so well last week; letting in a last minute goal to give the win to England. But all was forgiven when yesterday they tonked Russia, three - nil. Triumphantly marching forwards to the knock-out stages, top of the group.

It is just as well really as I'm only halfway through my Euros sock project, and I need the boys to stay in for at least another three games to get the other one finished, or I'll be left with one cold foot!

In related news, the attentive reader will, I hope, be glad to hear that the Welsh dragon badge I made for my brother has appeared out of the postal vortex over the Irish sea and made it to him in time for the second and third match.

Roll on Saturday and the Parc des Princes. Cymru am byth!!!!


  1. Didn't realise socks were for you. They're great!


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