White noise

It has been pretty quite around here, since the excitement of the Euros. You might be forgiven for thinking that I haven't been crafting much, but that isn't the case. I've been knitting, sewing, baking and gardening ... just not blogging. 

I don't really know why but I've just not felt like blogging, I'm hoping that's going to change soon. I've certainly got lots of things to share with you, and to whet your appetite here are just some of my current and recently completed projects.


  1. Nice to have you back! There are long blank patches on our blog too - it happens. What is that rather funky looking stripy thing on the left?

    1. Why thank you :)
      the knitted item on the left is a gift for a friend who is about to have a baby - but as she sometimes reads my blog I don't want to give to much away until baby puts in an appearance!


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