All is revealed!

It's time to tell all, or at least what the mystery item is ... drum roll please

Yes, it is a cow tea cozy, her name is Lizzy and she is a wedding present for two friends who are getting married this summer. (I'm fairly sure that they don't read my blog, if they do, its not going to be a surprise any more). Lizzy is made from Kilcarra Aran Tweed and Tivoli Plush, so shes a proper Irish cow. The fabric in the clue is to line her tummy with, but I've not got the sewing machine out to make it. The pattern is from Knitvana and is available here

So the prize goes to Undermeoxter, who guessed tea cozy first. But as I said 'best' answer I'm also giving a prize to Wendy, for her wonderfully imaginative guesses that made me laugh. So if you two lovely ladies can send me your addresses on ravelry, I'll pop your little prize in the post :)



  1. That is the best tea cozy ever!

    (although it would of course have been much better as a laptop cozy.. lamp shade.. towel.. but hey - not everything needs to be perfect ;-)

    I can't believe you are actually giving me a prize for that! You're too generous! *runs off to Ravelry to send you a msg*

  2. Oh yeay! I'm not often a winner so I'm going to *milk* it this time M0000!

    Lovely tea-cosy and I love that it is made with Kilcarra. I hope your friend likes it.

    I'm enjoying your blog and will be stopping by lots in the future.


  3. Just want to say thank you here again - the tea is absolutely perfect! (did I ever mention my favourite teas are lemon and orange? this one has *both* and more :)


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