Stash successfully busted!

So May is nearly over, and I've spent the month knitting away for Oxfam, and as an added side benefit have reduced my stash :) I even managed to control myself at the Constant Knitter's party on Sunday, although I'm not sure I'll be able to resist the garnstudio's delight for long. And the product of all this hard work:

The two on the left are knitted using the patterns specially design for Oxfam, and the other two are my 'designs'. I really like the Oxfam designs especially the one on the left, which is quick to knit and I think very effective. I say the other two are my 'designs' as neither are very technically demanding; the purple one is just plain garter stitch, and the grey on is garter stitch using two different sized needles.

I've also rummaged through my stash and found some hats, and a pair of gloves, I made ages ago for a craft fair I had a stall at, and decided that they could head Oxfams way too, as they might as well get something for them rather than them gathering dust on top of my wardrobe.