2010 in stitches

So I've decided to have a look back over what I've accomplished in the knitting world this year. Unfortunately I've not followed R's excellent example and kept a running tally on my blog, but then there is always Ravelry!

So, according to Ravelry I've completed 24 knitting projects this year, and have another four wips on the go, including The Blanket. The 24 projects have used up over 8200 yards of yarn, which is about 7.5 kilometers.

Meaning that if I unwound all my completed projects for the year, the yarn would stretch along the road from outside Hodges Figgis on Dawson Street, round the front of Trinity College, past Christ Church Cathedral, along the quays to Heuston Station, over the bridge, up to the main Phoenix Park Gates and all the way along Chesterfield Avenue to the far side of the park!

Its difficult to pick a favorite from a years knitting, but I think my favourite project in terms of outcome, although I didn't enjoy knitting it that much, was my annis. For pure enjoyment I think it has to be Lizzy, quick and fun to knit and a very satisfying outcome! And as far as I know she is living happily in Royal Leamington Spa :)

I also had a couple of disasters the mystery orange shrug, the retro ruby twinset (which was my own fault I picked the wrong yarn and made it too short) and the ribbed cotton vest which didn't hold its shape (I like to blame the yarn not my knitting).

And for 2011? Well there is a whole basket full of opportunities in my stash and the small matter of the blanket ...


  1. Ha ha ha - I hadn't realised she had a name! We had her out on the table only yesterday keeping a sour-dough starter warm!


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