Me Made May 2012

You may be forgiven for not realising that I am taking part in Me Made May, a group challenge designed by So, Zo to encourage us crafty types to wear our fantastic hand made creations. It's nearly half way through May and so far I've kept my pledge to wear at least one item of hand made clothing each day, and have  managed 3 hand made items on one day. 

Amy Butler Lotus top made from some vintage fabric, with my annis hand knit shawl.

These two go really well with my new me made trousers, which I'm still delighted with. Despite one of the guys at work asking me if 'Popeye knew I had stolen his trousers' - how rude!

As with One Week, One Pattern earlier in the year I'm handicapped by cycling to work, which stops me from taking a photograph of myself before I leave the house. And as I have the oldest mobile phone imaginable, it doesn't have a camera in it. 

I have found the task easier than self-stitched September last year, mainly because I now have two pairs of home made jeans, which go with most tops in my wardrobe. However, what I have realised is that I'm quite short of tops in general, and home made ones in specific, so I think I need to set myself a little top making challenge.

Here is the only other picture I've managed to take this week, my Colette Crepe dress which I wore out for dinner two weekends ago.